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There are a few careers that are nearly as old as time. Lawmen, tax collectors, healthcare professionals…the list goes on. The healthcare industry in particular is made of a multitude of jobs and positions that have grown over time. And looking into the right health career programs can get you started on your own professional journey.

Not All the Same

While Hippocrates is seen as the “father of medicine,” not everyone looks like him or fills his role. In fact, there are a multitude of positions, which change to even more for different types of healthcare. And for these roles, everyone requires a different level of education. A physician and a practical nurse wouldn’t have the same educational needs, for example. Or, perhaps, someone looking to become a dental assistant. 

The point is, not all positions require the same level of education. But many people turn away from healthcare simply due to the idea of years and years of education that doctors have to go through. But the thing is, there are certain positions that can have you ready to go within a few years or even a few months. That’s where career colleges such as Medical Training College come in.

Our Health Career Programs

“Healthcare” doesn’t have one exclusive field—it comes in many different areas of identification and treatment. That’s why we’re proud to have our four current programs. Grab a look and see which is the best choice for you.

  • Massage Therapy. With the help of our own trained professionals, students will learn all they need in order to prepare for a proper massage workplace. Additionally, depending on if you take these courses during the day or night, you could have your education in 10.5 to 13.5 months! 
  • Medical Office and Health Technician. Medical billing and coding is one of the many positions keeping an office running smoothly. Become someone everyone relies on in as little as seven-and-a-half to 13.5 months. 
  • Medical Assistant. Don’t wait nearly a decade to get into the field. You can become a medical assistant in seven-and-a-half months with day classes and just over a year with night courses. 
  • Dental Assistant. Work with dentists in as little as seven-and-a-half months when you take our health career program.

Change your future today with help from Medical Training College! Get in touch with us today to begin any of these health career programs.

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At MTC, we’re always looking to provide the best experience possible in our health career programs. If you want to know more about these programs, give us a call at 225-926-5820 or fill out a form online for more info. We’re more than happy to help you begin your career with help from our professionals!

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