Crime Prevention:

Normal operating procedures, rules and regulations are covered with students during orientation.

Alcoholic Beverages:

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the premises at any time. Any person caught on campus under the influence or in possession on campus will be asked to leave immediately for the remainder of the day (without pay for employees). On the next business day, a determination will be made by the Director as to further action which may include immediate suspension or expulsion (suspension without pay, or termination for employees).

Illegal Drugs or Weapons:

Never acceptable. Any student caught possessing illegal drugs will be immediately expelled from school (immediate termination for employees).

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention and Awareness:

All students and employees are encouraged to seek professional help for any problems, and are advised to seek guidance from the Dean and/or Director as to professional help available.

Annual Security Report

  • Criminal Activity Report for 2015 – No criminal activity reported.
  • Criminal Activity Report for 2016 – No criminal activity reported.
  • Criminal Activity Report for 2017 – No criminal activity reported.