About This Program

We are excited to offer hybrid programs to those who could benefit from the flexibility offered through this model. However, hybrid programs are not for everyone, you must be a self-starter and able to work independently to accomplish difficult academic tasks.

Be a part of the Medical Team. Become a Medical Assistant!

Advantages of enrolling into hybrid versus traditional
    • Work within your own schedule from home to complete lecture and theory modules online
    • Only come to campus for scheduled lab and exams

Success Stories

Enrolling in Hybrid instead of Traditional

  • Hybrid lecture courses are offered online with modules to be completed each week within deadlines
  • Hybrid lab courses are held every Tuesday and Thursday for day students, and you must come to campus for these portions of the program
  • Some classes such as CPR will require additional on-campus days

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Minimum technical requirements if you already have a laptop

  • You must possess a laptop that can service the internet, Microsoft Office, and email.
  • You must have reliable internet connectivity and accessibility
  • Must meet Cengage tech specs (See Technical System Requirements below

If you do not have a laptop that meets the tech specs then you will have to purchase through the school or buy one on your own that meet the specs. Externship is held just the same as traditional.

If you are unable to make satisfactory academic progress throughout the MA Hybrid program the following policy will be implemented:

  • After 1st exam student does not possess passing grade: student must attend class lectures via Zoom as scheduled for traditional students
  • After 2nd exam student does not possess passing grade: student must come to campus for the duration of the grading period to complete all courses


Technical System Requirements

  • Windows
    • Chrome™ current and preceding version
    • Firefox® current and preceding version
    • Edge current and preceding version
  • macOS
    • Chrome current and preceding version
    • Firefox current and preceding version
    • Safari® current and preceding version
  • iOS
    • Safari current and preceding version (iPad only)
    • Only the SAM Study Center is supported.
    • 2016 Tasks might not work in portrait mode on iPad.
    • You can’t right-click.
  • Further Requirements
    • Download bandwidth: 5+ Mbps
    • RAM: 2+ GB
    • CPU: 1.8+ GHz / multi-core
    • Display: 1366 × 768, color
    • Graphics: DirectX, 64+ MB
    • Sound

Why Medical Assistant Classes at Medical Training College?

  • Learn from instructors who are themselves medical professionals
  • Learn in an environment structured to give you the proper exposure to all the technology you will be faced with in the medical workplace.
  • Complete in 7 ½ Months (Day) or 13.5 Months (Night)
  • 4-day school week
  • Externship – 240 Hours
    • equivalent of 6 40-hour work weeks
    • Real world experience as a Medical Assistant
    • Can become a job reference on your resume


Certification testing through National Healthcareer Association and American Heart Association

  • Certified Clinical Medical Assistant
  • CPR

Where Do Medical Assistants Work?

  • Physicians’ offices
  • Clinics
  • Labs

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