Billing and coding is an essential part of today’s healthcare field. However, that wasn’t always the case. From paper records to medical transcription, the history of record-keeping has affected healthcare. Today, so many careers have been created by the internet, and the healthcare field is no exception. Billing and coding classes could help you become an essential part of the healthcare field. 

The History Of Medical Records

Written language in some form or another began with cave paintings and later, Egyptian hieroglyphics. But how has the history of writing affected the history of medical records? The first versions of medical records were written about a surgery around 1600 B.C. on papyrus. The first printed book appeared in China over 2,000 years later in 868 A.D. However, natural science books and physicians’ ledgers didn’t take off until the 17th century. That’s the beginning of the handwritten notes—and later typed—kept in huge files. Doctors’ offices often needed whole rooms dedicated to all the necessary filing cabinets to hold patient records. 

With audio recording technology, medical transcription became a career. Doctors would record voice notes about their patients’ appointments. Then, a medical transcriptionist would listen to them and type them up. Even with this advancement, paper copies were still required. Electronic medical record-keeping began in the 1960s. They eventually evolved into the electronic health records (EHRs) and electronic medical records (EMRs) we use today. These systems don’t only keep track of patient information for doctors to use. They also keep track of the information insurance companies need to process claims. This process is essential for both the doctors and the patients. If processed incorrectly, a patient might end up paying too much.  

Billing And Coding Classes For A New Career

So, we’ve established the importance of medical billing and coding. It’s easy to see why it could make for a great career. Get prepared by taking medical billing and coding classes at Medical Training College in Baton Rouge. These classes are a part of the Medical Office and Health Information Technician program. In addition to the in-demand technical skills, you’ll also learn general healthcare knowledge. To be able to understand the information you’re processing, you’ll need to learn the language of medicine. That includes the basics of anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and medical procedures. This knowledge sets you apart from office workers in other fields. 

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