The MJ Foster Promise is a financial aid resource for qualifying students within select courses offered at Medical Training College located within Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Contact an admissions representative by visiting the admissions page of our website below or by giving us a call at 225-926-5820 and requesting additional information on the MJ Foster Promise Program.

Medical Training College Campus Admissions:

The MJ Foster Award Announcement from MTC President Billy L. Clark

How did the MJ Foster Promise Program Get Started?

The MJ Foster Promise program named after former Louisiana Governor Mike J. Foster began back in July 2022 as a $10.5 million “last dollar” financial support funded by the state legislature for students to earn credentials that align with high-demand jobs within the growing Louisiana industry sectors of:

  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Transportation & Warehousing

How to Qualify for the MJ Foster Promise Award?

The M.J. Foster Promise Award is a financial assistance award available to Louisiana residents who are 21 and older and have not yet earned a degree at the associate level or above. The M.J. Foster Promise Award helps pay for tuition and fees at a Louisiana two-year post-secondary educational institution or Louisiana Board of Regents approved proprietary school to pursue a course of study that leads to a high demand job in a field that meets Louisiana’s workforce needs.

Additional Requirements:

  1. Meet a family income that does not exceed 300% of the Federal Poverty Level or be unemployed or underemployed for six months prior to receiving grant.
    – Household of 1 = $38,640
    – Household of 2 = $52,260
    – Household of 3 = $65,880
    – Household of 4 = $79,500
    – Household of 5 = $93,120
  2. Have earned a high school diploma or equivalent or co-enroll in a qualified program of study and in a program to earn high school credential.
  3. Have not previously earned an undergraduate degree at the associate level or above.
  4. Be a Louisiana resident and U.S. Citizen.
  5. Commit to reside in Louisiana one year after completion and to perform 20 hours of community service, an internship, or a mentorship annually to maintain the award.

Incarcerated individuals and those who have been convicted of any crime of violence as defined in RS 14:2 are prohibited from receiving M.J. Foster Promise funds. For additional program information visit the Louisiana Office of Student and Financial Assistance.

How Much is the MJ Foster Promise Award Worth?

The maximum award amount that a future Medical Training College student can receive is $3,200 per year for a full-time student to be applied to tuition and fees only. The Award amount for students attending less than full time will be proportional to the number of hours in which the student is enrolled. A recipient may receive a maximum of $6,400 over 3 years. Some recipients may receive the full $6,400 if enrolled in a high-cost program that is less than one year.

What MTC Courses Qualify for the MJ Foster Award?

The MJ Foster Promise Award can be applied to the Medical Office and Health Care Technician, Medical Assistant, and Medical Assistant (Hybrid) Curriculums being offered at the Baton Rouge campus of Medical Training College or for the Medical Office and Health Care Administration course located at any of the four campuses of our sister school Delta College. Get started by first completing the MJ Foster application form and then by filling out an MTC online application for our course registration.

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