Does your current job leave you unsatisfied? Are you someone who enjoys helping others feel their best? If so, a career as a massage therapist could deliver exactly the opportunity you’ve been looking for! You could be the person who makes a real difference in the lives of overstressed and exhausted clients. Think of how fulfilling it would be to know your work is the highlight of your client’s day. As a massage therapist, you could be the one who relieves the tension and aches others deal with on a regular basis, leaving them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. You could also improve your own life by embarking on a fulfilling career that offers ample opportunity. At Medical Training College (MTC), we train students with the skills and techniques to lead successful careers in the medical field. Learn how our masseuse classes prepare Louisiana students for a brighter professional future.

1. You Can Receive Expert Training for a New Career

MTC’s massage therapy career training course was designed with our students’ success in mind! Here, students are trained in a robust variety of massage techniques, including:

  • Swedish
  • Sports
  • Connective Tissue
  • Neuromuscular
  • Reflexology
  • Corporate (or chair)
  • Spa Therapies

But, beyond the “how” of massage, students are also trained to understand the “why.” MTC’s program is balanced with anatomy and physiology training as well as health-related material to help them serve their clients better! As a massage therapist, the more you know about the body and its functions, the better equipped you are to handle the specific needs of those you treat. That’s why MTC’s masseuse classes are designed to empower Louisiana students with the skills and knowledge that can help them become true professionals.

2. Outstanding Projected Growth

Before you consider a new career, it’s important to also consider the opportunities it could bring to your life. For example, did you know that the job outlook for massage therapists from now until 2030 is an incredible 32%? To put things in perspective, a job outlook between 5% and 8% is considered average by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A higher projection means job opportunities are expected to grow at a faster rate, which could make finding a job much easier compared to other careers.

3. You Could Begin a New Career Sooner Than You Think

One of the best parts about choosing career training with MTC is that you could finish your training and begin a new career sooner than you think. However, the problem with many four-year college programs is that you end up spending a lot of your time learning things that have nothing to do with your career. But, with MTC, your training starts on day one. We streamline the career training process by cutting out all the fluff so you can become a professional sooner. By choosing MTC, you could be on your way to a new career in as little as 10.5 months!

Searching for Masseuse Classes in Louisiana?

Have you been considering masseuse classes in Louisiana? If so, it’s time to see how far you could go with career training from MTC! Call us at 225-926-5820 or contact us online to get started. And don’t forget to take our 3-minute Healthcare Career Training Readiness Quiz. It can give you important information to make an informed decision about your professional future. When you want to achieve something greater and embark on a new career, MTC is ready to help you make it happen!

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