When many people finish high school, they want to take some time before choosing what to do next. However, bills still need to be paid, so it often means finding a job to make ends meet while planning out those next steps. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to start a job in the food service or retail industries and get stuck over time, feeling as if there’s nothing else you can do. But, when you know you were meant to do more than fold sweaters and sell unhealthy foods, it helps to know that you have options! At Medical Training College (MTC) in Baton Rouge, we prepare students for rewarding careers in healthcare. Our accredited programs train students to succeed in a variety of in-demand roles in the field. If you have been searching for colleges in Baton Rouge and dream of doing something that matters, you owe it to yourself to discover the advantages of career training from MTC.

Become a Difference-Maker

When you know you want a career where you can create a real, positive impact in other people’s lives, MTC can help you achieve it. We train tomorrow’s medical professionals to meet the healthcare needs of their communities. For example, as a medical assistant, you could be the person patients and other healthcare professionals depend on. Our program trains students in important techniques, such as taking vital signs, administering injections, assisting with minor office surgeries, and more. 

In addition, our Massage Therapy program trains students in the art and science of massage. If you know what it’s like to carry stress on your shoulders for weeks or even months, you understand just how important the role of a massage therapist is. With career training from MTC, you could be the person who provides much-needed relief for your clients. You could also explore work in several unique settings, including day spas, resorts, cruise ships, salons, wellness centers, and others. So, if you want to be a difference-maker, explore exciting careers in healthcare with MTC.

Join a Growing Field

When you’re ready to explore a new career, it’s reassuring to know that it is growing instead of shrinking. This can translate to more jobs and less competition between job candidates. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, positions for each of the career training programs MTC offers are growing.

If you’ve been exploring colleges in Baton Rouge and want to join a field that is projected to grow for years, career training from MTC could be the right choice for you.

Exploring College Options in Baton Rouge?

When you want to carve out your own professional path, it’s time to see what career training from MTC could offer. Reach out to us at 225-926-5820 or contact us online to learn more about our accredited career training programs. Also, take our 3-minute Healthcare Career Training Quiz to see if our programs might be right for you. We want yours to be our next success story!

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At Medical Training College, we want to see you thrive! Our dedicated team is here to help you every step of the way. Spring outside your comfort zone and see how training for a new career could make all the difference in your life.