There are lots of reasons why we make the decisions we do. Are you considering massage therapy training? If you’re searching online for more information about it—you likely already have some motives. In reality, there are likely HUNDREDS of possible inspirations to start Baton Rouge massage therapy training. Here are just four reasons we think it could be a smart and rewarding life choice for you.  

1. It’s Not Just A Job. It’s A Real Career.

Are you tired of your food service or retail job? So, maybe it’s time to make a change. Massage therapy is a viable career. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, their annual median salary is more than $40,000. So, invest in yourself and your education with massage therapy training. You could reap the benefits for the rest of your career! What’s more, you might even have the opportunity to be your own boss. Massage therapists can set their own schedules and maintain their own client lists if they choose. 

3. You’ll Help People Feel Better.

Depending on where they work, some massage therapists help people who are recovering from injuries or accidents. As a massage therapist, you could be a critical part of their healing. Even if your clients aren’t injured, helping them relax can be very beneficial to their health. Psychology Today reports that “giving ourselves a break and just enjoying a day off, we can make our lives better and actually create greater good in our world.” Therefore, if you’re helping people relax, you’re helping them live better lives, which in turn helps to make the world a better place. 

3. You Won’t Spend Your Career Stuck In An Office.

Massage therapists tend to work in spas, salons, and clinics. These places are designed to promote relaxation and peace in their clients. So, they can be relaxing and peaceful places to go to work every day! What’s more, sitting all day can be bad for your health. The Mayo Clinic analyzed 13 studies of sitting time and activity levels. The results found sitting for more than eight hours a day with no physical activity had a mortality risk similar to those of obesity and smoking. As a massage therapist, you’d be moving throughout your day. Therefore, your career could help you live a longer, more active and healthy life! 

4. Massage Therapy Training Can Take Less Than A Year. 

At Medical Training College in Baton Rouge, the massage therapy training day program takes only 10.5 months. During this time, you’ll learn a variety of massage modalities. These include Swedish, reflexology, and sports massage. Courses also cover a variety of spa therapies such as body wraps, hydrotherapy, and stone massage. Having all these skills in your toolbelt can make you a more marketable employee. Also, night classes are available to work around your schedule. Don’t let your daytime obligations prevent you from chasing your dreams! 

MTC Baton Rouge Massage Therapy Training

Now, these four reasons are just examples. Each and every one of our students has personal reasons why they’re starting a new career. But no matter why they’re here, our staff helps everyone navigate their courses, financial aid, and job searches after graduation. What are your reasons for starting massage therapy training? Find out more to add to your list! Reach out today to get more information. In the meantime, you can explore our other massage blogs and some of our alumni’s success stories

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