Why Train in Massage Therapy?

Medical Training College has long trained students in massage therapy. We have been able to assist young people to chase their dreams by pursuing a high quality education, including massage therapy classes.

At Medical Training College in Baton Rouge, our mission is to give students

the opportunity to improve their lives by getting training in massage therapy and other vocations. This is why we’ve worked to create a flexible schedule and program that fits the needs of our young students.

How Long Are Massage Therapy Classes?

You won’t need to spend years getting trained like many colleges. At Medical Training College in Baton Rouge, you’ll have the opportunity to get trained as a massage therapist in less than a year.

So how long do you need to attend massage therapy school? It does depend on whether you enroll in day or night classes.

  • Day: 9 Months
  • Night: 10.5 Months

We’re proud to offer both day and night classes for our students because we recognize that not all students are the same. You may have different needs than the next person so we want to offer as much flexibility as we can.

What Will You Learn In Massage Therapy School?

Massage therapy school is not just about sitting through classes reading from a book. Obviously there is some of that, but students will also get the opportunity to learn by using their hands. What better way to learn? You can learn a variety of massage types, including Swedish massage, sports massage, connective tissue massage, neuromuscular massage, reflexology, corporate/chair massage, spa therapies, etc.

Why Medical Training College?

Medical Training College in Baton Rouge offers students the  ability to get trained in an environment that is focused on hands-on training. From the moment you call our admissions team, we will be looking for the best way to help you advance your training, by seeking out financial aid help for you if you qualify, getting you into the class that is enrolling soonest if that suits your needs, and answering any and all questions you have. Medical Training College also offers:

  • Small Class Sizes
  • Committed Instructors
  • State of the Art Facilities
  • Hands-On Experience
  • On-Site Clinicals

Take The Next Step!

Interested in enrolling in our massage therapy classes? Whether you want to hear about the day or night classes, our admissions representatives are eager to hear from you. Schedule a personal tour of the campus right now to learn more!

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