Working at a job that just doesn’t give you satisfaction? You may feel as if something is missing from your life. Having a job is one thing, but many people want to seek something beyond that. They want a career where what they do matters. Also, they want to do something that has a real impact in the lives of others. They seek professional opportunities that are also full of purpose. If this sounds like something you’ve been thinking about recently or for a while, it’s time to consider a career in healthcare! Medical Training College (MTC) has trained several students in Baton Rouge to become valuable professionals in the healthcare field. Discover the advantages of career training from MTC and learn why a fulfilling career in healthcare could be exactly what you have been looking for.

You Could Become Someone Others Rely On

At some point, we’ve all experienced what it feels like catching up with family or friends and not having much to say when they ask about work. But wouldn’t it be exciting to tell them that you have a career in the healthcare industry where you help people each and every day? At MTC, our experienced instructors provide students with the training they need for successful careers in healthcare. We also offer a variety of accredited programs that give students options when it comes to choosing their professional path. 

For example, our medical assistant program trains students with the skills and knowledge they need to become a valuable part of a team of healthcare professionals. As a medical assistant, you could play an important role in the healthcare industry by ensuring patients get the care they need. This can also be an ideal career choice for those who want more variety in their work. Medical assistants care for patients directly, sometimes taking vital signs or drawing blood. But they also carry out administrative responsibilities such as helping patients check-in and scheduling appointments. The variety of duties can deliver the balance that many people crave in their careers. And, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 19% job growth for medical assistants from now until 2029, which could provide exactly the job security many career seekers are looking for. 

How Accredited Programs Can Be the Better Choice

You may have already heard of other medical assistant and dental assistant programs that promise a speedy completion. But many of these schools are not accredited, which seriously decreases the value of their training. They may only offer 40 hours of externship opportunities, which won’t be enough to help many stand out to potential employers. And, because they aren’t accredited, they aren’t held to the same standards when it comes to the graduation, dropout, and placement rates of their students.

However, because MTC offers accredited medical assistant and dental assistant programs, students can get more from their career training. We offer a speedy program that can be completed in only 7.5 months with a four-day school week. But students also get an enhanced externship experience with our 180-hour externship program. This gives students time to really learn about a career before starting as professionals. And, it can also show potential employers that you have the skills and experience needed for the job.

Ready to See What Our Baton Rouge Career College Could Do for You?

When you are ready for a career in the medical field, MTC can put you on the path to success. Our experienced instructors and well-rounded career training programs have helped several students excel as professionals. To learn more about our programs, call us at 225-926-5820 or contact us online. You can also take our fun, 3-minute Healthcare Career Training Quiz to help you make an informed decision about your future. Make your professional journey a priority and reach out to us today!

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