Dental Assistants: What Do They Do?

The main role of the Dental Assistant is to both set-up and breakdown the work areas for dentists in the office. This very important position makes it easier for dentists (and sometimes dental hygienists) to do their jobs and helps ensure a safe, sterile environment for dental patients. Some of the specific duties for a Dental Assistant may include:

  • Sterilization of dental equipment and work areas
  • Working with patients to help them feel more comfortable before, during, and after procedures
  • Taking and developing X-rays
  • Assist dentists during their procedures
  • Preparation of materials for making impressions for teeth models
  • Instructing patients on post-operative care and general oral hygiene

Five Benefits of Becoming a Dental Assistant

The following list describes what a student can experience both from learning to become a Dental Assistant at Medical Training College along with pursuing a fulfilling career in the field.

    1. Training to become a Dental Assistant takes less than a year.

      In fact, at Medical Training College, you receive 756 total hours of training over 7 ½ months. The quality and reinforcement of MTC’s training sets you up for a great future.

    2. Many full-time positions for Dental Assistants are available. 

      If you are looking for a career that offers full-time positions so that you can make the most use of your day, pursuing a job as a Dental Assistant will allow you plenty of opportunities to do so. With the high demand for Dental Assistants, you are bound to find a schedule that fits your needs.

    3. Excellent working conditions for Dental Assistants. 

      If you enjoy working indoors alongside professionals who share the same passion as you, then becoming a Dental Assistant is definitely a great option. Dental offices are a wonderful place for growth among employees and they also allow for positive interaction between patients and staff. You’ll experience a clean, comfortable, organized and well-lit work environment that will remind you why you chose this career path in the first place.

    4. Preparedness for the future. 

      The extensive training you receive at MTC will prepare you for your new career as a Dental Assistant. After graduation you will leave feeling confident in yourself and your abilities to take on the role of a Dental Assistant.

    5. Great opportunities for MTC graduates.

      In 2015, MTC saw an 82% placement rate for their Dental Assistant graduates. Not only is the demand for Dental Assistants high, but the training you receive at MTC sets you up for great career opportunities in the dental field. You will leave our program set up for success and have the tools to grow yourself even more within the dental field should you choose.

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