When it comes to your education, you need the best career college in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. But what makes a school the right choice? At Medical Training College, we offer our students a high-quality education by the best professionals to ensure a well-rounded education. Find out more about how Medical Training College might be the right choice for you.

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Knowing more about our career college in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, will help you understand why we put so much into our students! 

The beginning of MTC starts back in 1992. Muffett Crowell and Michel Chauvin chose to create “Massage Academy of the South” to meet demands for professional training. Four years later, “Medical Training College, Inc.” chose to buy the college, resulting in the name “Medical Training College.” This change also brought on more diverse courses to the institution. 

Today, Medical Training College has numerous partnerships with other career schools across Louisiana and Florida. All of these schools share the same devotion and professionalism as us. Thanks to these partnerships, we’re able to provide more for our students, such as post-graduation aid and career training. 

What We Offer Students

At MTC, we offer four different programs to our students. 

  • Massage Therapy. To the uninformed, massage therapy may not seem like a healthcare position. However, as a massage therapist, it’s your job to relieve individuals’ stress and pain. And, because of how useful the position is, you could work in a number of places.
  • Dental Assistant. This position allows you to become a useful member of a dental team. Without you, dentist offices would struggle to keep up with the need! Learn how to assist, along with administrative duties, with the help of MTC.
  • Medical Assistant. As one of the fastest-growing occupations, a job could be in your future. Become a medical assistant today and help people feel better with your care.
  • Medical Office and Health Information Technician. Every healthcare establishment needs office management and billing and coding to ensure they run smoothly. Because without this important job, everything could fall apart. Become an essential member of a team with the right education. 

Need help getting into one of our programs? If so, ask about our financial aid services and see what we can do for you. We have a variety of financial aid choices available. All we have to do is see which you qualify for.

Are you unsure about what career training is right for you? Try out our MTC Career Training Readiness Quiz! But remember, this is a recommendation, not a requirement. The point of this quiz is to help you decide what program is best for you.

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You deserve the best education possible. At Medical Training College, it’s our mission to provide the education you need in a realistic time frame. Discover more information about our career college in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, from our blog and see how we might be the choice for you. 

Do you have any questions about enrollment or our procedures? If so, give us a call at 225-926-5820 or send us a message online. One of our staff members will answer as soon as possible with the answers you need. 

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At Medical Training College, we want to see you thrive! Our dedicated team is here to help you every step of the way. Spring outside your comfort zone and see how training for a new career could make all the difference in your life.