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If you’ve been in Baton Rouge long, you’ve likely seen Medical Training College or heard of us. We have a long history in the city, helping people become young professionals. Massage therapy classes are just one of the programs we offer, but it is a program we are proud to highlight when prospective students ask.

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Massage Therapy Classes: Day or Night

At Medical Training College in Baton Rouge, we understand you might not have a great deal of flexibility. That is why we offer both day and night classes to our students, so that they can take the class when it is most convenient for them. We set a pace that allows students to learn everything they need to know, but also has them completing the process within 9 – 10.5 months, depending on whether you take day or night classes. That means in under a year you could be starting a new career!

Why Medical Training College?

There are a number of reasons students choose Medical Training College. Some are referred by other students and trust their judgment, some make a decision based on driving by the school. But many take a look at the list of things that set Medical Training College apart from other colleges in Baton Rouge. This includes things like:

  • Completion in 9 months (day) or 10.5 months (night)
  • National & State test fees included in tuition
  • Tuition cost includes books
  • Licensed, experienced massage practitioners on staff
  • Student use of on-site massage tables

Work With Your Hands

If you’ve always wanted to work with your hands, then Medical Training College’s massage therapy classes are exactly what you’ve been looking for. The on-site clinical which every student goes through gives them hands on experience in dealing with real massage therapy clients. Meaning you get to actually do work with your hands in addition to learning about it!

Contact Medical Training College in Baton Rouge

If you are interested in learning to work with your hands and getting trained for a new career in less than a year, contact Medical Training College today about our massage therapy classes. You can call at 225-407-4560 or schedule a tour today!

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