We’re going to pop the question! Will you commit to your future? Say yes to Medical Training College! Say yes to career training in less than a year! Have you been looking for an opportunity to start a new career? Medical Training College can help you to jump at the opportunity. There are many career or technical colleges in Baton Rouge, but you’re looking at our website for a reason! Maybe it’s because you know our reputation or because you’re interested in the medical or health-field specifically? No matter what reason, you’re here. So say yes!

Why You Should Say Yes

There are a number of trade schools, vocational and technical colleges in Baton Rouge. Medical Training College is the only one that specializes solely in medical or health fields. We’re proud to be woven into the fabric of the medical and health community in the Greater Baton Rouge area, with graduates working at companies like Massage Envy and medical facilities all over the area.

Medical Training College is not just another technical college in Baton Rouge. It’s a career school that offers small class sizes, financial aid for those who quality, passionate instructors, convenient class times and start dates, and a commitment to excellence in all phases of career training.

Make The Right Choice

Make the right choice.  Don’t choose just any college in Baton Rouge. Trust the career school that specializes in medical training! We’ve been around since 1992 and are now able to offer five different medical and health-related programs. Those programs are:

Each of these programs has its own advantages and each of them can be completed in about a year or less for the day program. We’re committed to running career training programs that allow students to train quickly but effectively. If they need to obtain a state license or certification to do the work their career requires, then it’s Medical Training College’s aim to prepare the students for that test.

Choose Medical Training College

When it comes to vocational, career, or technical colleges in Baton Rouge, there are a lot of different brands out there. But, you want to enroll at a school that is local, has connections to the business community here, and which has proven it cares about the success of students.

Inquire About These Programs Today

At Medical Training College, we want to see you thrive! Our dedicated team is here to help you every step of the way. Spring outside your comfort zone and see how training for a new career could make all the difference in your life.